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Q. Who pulls the permit?

A. McQuagge Electric Company will pull the permit for our work. A GC will pull a Primary permit and we will attach ours to there's.

Q. Can I pull the permit and McQuagge Electric Company perform the work? 

A. Yes and No, McQuagge Electric Company's policy is, we will not work under a permit were we are not listed. If the Owner pulls a permit as a General Contractor and has us listed as the Electrical Contractor, then Yes. If a permit is pulled and we are not listed as the Electrical Contractor, then No. 

Q. What is included in the permit fee.

A. Items included in a permit are our License, Insurance, Workers Comp, building fees and overhead to pull the permit. Communicating with the inspectors, building departments, utilities, scheduling of inspections, scheduling with other entities and other items. Service calls and small projects will some times included a small drawing that we may design, engineer and are liable for.

Q. If someone else install's electrical items will McQuagge Electric Company pull a permit for them to complete the work?
A. NO. McQuagge Electric Company will not pull a permit for any one else but McQuagge Electric Company.

Q. If someone else started the work will McQuagge Electric Company come in and finish.

A. Yes. McQuagge Electric Company will come in and finish. The work already performed will need to be assessed. We will bid the project from a start point that McQuagge Electric Company has determine is correct. 

​Time and material

Q: Where does McQuagge Electric get the products for the jobs? 
A: McQuagge Electric will use quality products from local supply houses and other sources required by the contract.

Q: Does McQuagge Electric provide light Fixtures?
A: Only if the fixtures are included in our bid. The make, part number and quantity are some requirements for us to include fixtures in our bid.

Q: What are T and M Projects?
A: T and M stands for time and material. This allows the customer to pay for the material and the time to complete a job. This can be an effective model but its geared for large jobs that will have many changes. Typical design builds will use T and M. McQuagge Electric Company does not use T and M on service calls or on project less than $100,000. 

Q: Who provides the drawings?
A: The customer or who ever the customer hires to create drawings.

Q: Do I need drawings for my project?
A: If you are remolding a room or larger and/or a new addition then Yes, you need a drawing. (Example Kitchen remodel, office space). If you have small task or repair then No. (Example hang a fan, repair a damage circuits). You can always contact us.

Q: Does McQuagge Electric provide electrical drawings for projects.
A: Yes, for a fee. All projects require electrical engineering no matter how small.  Residential projects, McQuagge Electric Company will do in house. Large commercial projects will require an engineering firm to be involved.  Draws must be complete and approved for before a quote for a project is given.

Q: Will McQuagge Electric bid a project without a drawing for the scope of work?
A: No. McQuagge Electric needs to have a drawing for scope of work. 


Drawings, Prints, Plans

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