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Maintenance agreements

A Preventive Maintenance Service Agreement will include the serial and model number of the generator. Preventive Maintenance Service Agreement covers only the routine maintenance services specified on page 2 of Preventive Maintenance Service Agreement Form. All required additional Parts and labor will be supplied at additional cost. Service Calls other than the Preventive Maintenance Service Agreement terms will be charged a Service Call Fee of $50.00 plus standard rate per Hour of service. 

Our Maintenance Agreement requires a completely installed unit. Installation requirements of installation booklet, which comes with every generator, has minimal requirements that needs to be completed and documented in the installation manual. 

McQuagge Electric Company provides Warranty work for Air Cooled, or portable Generac Generators. All work must be warranty covered items for warranty to cover them. Warranty does not cover improper installation, incorrect wiring and ect...  Refer to warranty documentation for coverage. Items not covered under warranty will be charged to customer, troubleshooting, parts, labor and ect... If customer agrees to pay for items and warranty then covers items, fees will be refunded. ( example: Controllers, have to be sent off for warranty approval) 

McQuagge Electric Company has electricians and we have Generator Technicians. There is a big difference in the two.

Installing a Whole house or selected circuits Generator system can be at any time of construction. The best time is during the planning stage before construction. In most cases it is installed after the home has been built. Generators are installed based on Chapter 3 or 4 of the NEC. Generators should not be sized on average use and all loads shall be included if the generator is to cover them. 

Warranty Work

Licensed, Insured


The best Electricians for your electrical needs

Start Up

A Generator start up is a very important step. Our generator techs verify many variables. This is to make sure the installs are complete and functional. 


Sizing a Generator

When sizing a Generator there are many steps and it will require several different licensed trades. For all applications the electrical loads are required and must be calculated for proper unit size. This can only be done by a licensed electrical contractor, engineer or the owner of the property who wishes to size it themselves. It is an electrical design. This is to meet electrical code requirements and warranty from the manufacturer. Our electrical team calculates this part, and sometimes an outside electrical engineering firm. When the require size is complete then options for load management and smaller units can be determined and other items such as location is determined. If another electrical company is doing the electrical side of the generator install, they are responsible for giving us the calculated size required. 

​​New/ Existing

Construction Installations


Commercial projects may require multiple items to be included for the install of a generator. Items such as life safety, emergency lighting, security, and lift stations. McQuagge Electric Company will require professionally designed electrical drawing for all commercial projects. If McQuagge Electric provides the drawings for the project there is a fee.

Benefits of installing a Generac standby generator

Standby generators start automatically 

  • Chances are if you loose power to your home, its because of a storm. The last thing anyone wants, is to brave the storm, in the wind and rain, to attempt to start a generator. With a trusted Generac standby generator, that will never be an issue.

Powers air conditioners and other major appliances

  • We all know Florida heat is no joke. With a Generac Generator, there will never be a interruption to you heating and cooling system. It will also keep you from having to dispose of hundreds of dollars in groceries because your refrigerator has lost power.

Keeps you safe & the lights on

  • Smart homeowners that choose to install a Generac standby generator, rest easy knowing that if they should loose power, they will maintain safety and security during the outage, as you generator will maintain the function of your security system, as well as keep the lights on. Don't be left stranded in the dark.

No break in communication

  • We all love to stay connected. Especially after a nasty Florida storm or hurricane. Maintain the operation of your home phone, keep cell phones charged, and your internet running  smoothly.

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