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Q: Who is an authorized signer for the customer?
A: Anyone the customer chooses to represent their interest, gives the authority to make decision and is identify as such in the contract. 

Q: How many techs will be on the job?
A: McQuagge Electric will put the required number of techs to complete the job in a safe and efficient manner. If the contract states a number then that number will be present.

Q: What is a change order?
A: A change order is when you delete and/or add an item, change the layout of the print, etc. This requires a change order form to be signed by an authorized person prior to change.

Q: What is an Extra Work order?
A: Once the bid has been approved, any additional work added to the project will require an extra work order form and an authorized person to sign. This form will describe the task, material, added cost of action, etc.

Q: Do I have to give a down payment?
A: McQuagge Electric Company may require a down payment for the start up of projects. The contract will include a payment schedule.

Q: When do I pay for a service call and why do I need to sign a contract for one?
A: At the completion of the service call the bill is due. The signature is required to protect the customer and McQuagge Electric from misunderstandings of work preformed. It shows that both parties are aware of and agree to the project. This shall be signed before any work is started.

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