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Q. Is there a charge for a Estimate at my location?

A. Yes, there is a Dispatch Fee. The Dispatch fee is an amount that has been calculated to provide you an Expert at your location and view your electrical requirements.

Q. Why Is there a charge for the estimate at my location?
A. The fee is to keep our pricing as low as possible for our customers. Almost every install to an existing electrical system requires eyes on the site to give an accurate quote. Most industries you can bring your item to their location of business at your expense. Other industries Have bolt-on products that do not integrate with your existing system. Our electrical installs integrate with your existing system and what you plan to power with it.

Q: When do I pay for a Dispatch Fee and why do I need to sign a contract for one?
A: Payment is due prior to Tech being dispatched to your location. The signature is required to protect the customer and McQuagge Electric from misunderstandings. It shows that both parties are aware of and agree to the Dispatch Fee. This shall be signed before any estimate is started. We accept many payment types. Credit Cards, Checks and Cash (cash only to be paid after office is notified.)


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