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FLAT RATE/Per task

Q: What is the difference between an Estimate and Price?
A: An estimate is an amount given for a job that is not complete in planning and may have changes before starting. This is given to help stay in budget. The job price is given once all the planning has been completed. Once the price is given changes can still occur but they require authorization. Examples: change order or extra work order.

Q: Can you give an estimate or price over the phone?
A: No, we can not give a price or estimate. There are many variables that can affect the price.  

Q: What does an estimate or price include?
A: An estimate or price includes: labor, permits, material, warranty, overhead, coordinating with other trades and other factors that each job may bring. Your price or estimate will state each item included.

Q: How long does a price or estimate take?
A: The size and complexity of the job usually determines the time. We understand that your time is valuable and will try to give a fast and accurate price or estimate.

Q: Do you charge for a price or estimate?
A: No, Even though there is time and effort in creating a price or estimate we do not charge. We do charge a fee to design and to engineer a plan.

Q: What is Flat Rate Pricing?
A: Flat Rate Pricing is a price per item to create a task. This is an effective pricing model for the customer. It gives the customer the ability to plan their repairs. One item at a time or several. No item is to small and the customer knows that they are receiving the same price as everyone else for that item.

Most items have only a few ways to install or it is a common replacement. There can be one item or multiple items in a task. Each item has been pre calculated for time and cost to complete. The total of each item or items create the task price. There are times that some items have a higher degree of difficulty. That depends on the location and other factors. We have levels of difficulty pre calculated for these.

Examples of items: changing a device out, adding a circuit, install a hot tub circuit, Panel replacement, repairing an item, hanging a fan in a house with 8' ceiling or etc.

Example of a task: is a device change out only, or a device change out plus installing a fixture, hanging a fan, replacing a GFCI receptacle, installing a surge protector, etc. Any combination you have.

Example of level difficulty: A fan mounted from a 20' ceiling has a higher degree of difficulty from one that is mounted from a 8' ceiling.


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