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Q: Where does McQuagge Electric get the products for the jobs? 
A: McQuagge Electric will use quality products from local supply houses and other sources required by the contract.

Q: Does McQuagge Electric provide light Fixtures?
A: Only if the fixtures are included in our bid. The make, part number and quantity are some requirements for us to include fixtures in our bid.

Q: What are T and M Projects?
A: T and M stands for time and material. This allows the customer to pay for the material and the time to complete a job. This can be an effective model but its geared for large jobs that will have many changes. Typical design builds will use T and M.

Q: Who provides the drawings?
A: The customer or who ever the customer hires to create drawings.

Q: Do I need drawings for my project?
A: Depending on the project. You can always contact us.

Q: Does McQuagge Electric provide electrical drawings.
A: Yes, for a fee and if it is in our contract.

Q: Will McQuagge Electric bid a project without a drawing for the scope of work?
A: No. McQuagge Electric needs to have a drawing for scope of work.